Adventure Challenge

Our adventure challenges are safe, fun activities that promote communication, trust and self-confidence for groups/individuals. Not sure which one may benefit your group the most? Contact us and we’ll be happy to work with you to choose the activity best suited to achieve your goals. All necessary safety gear and trained staff to facilitate is included. Most activities will require a two-hour block of time, but will vary depending on group size and ability.

Are you looking to build trust, unity and communication within your team while promoting inclusivity, self-confidence and creative problem-solving? Let us customize a shared, group experience for you starting with on-the-ground initiatives (short games/simple tools) and may be followed by low-ropes elements (more physically and mentally challenging) that require the teamwork/collaboration learned in initiatives.

Strap on the adventure gear and join one of our fearless guides through the cave at Pictured Rocks County Park. Crawling through the twists, turns and tight spaces will challenge you physically and mentally, but also give you the opportunity to admire nature in a new way. The cavern at the back of the cave offers a unique setting to gather and reflect on your trek, connect it with scripture or simply just marvel at the wonder of what you just experienced. Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind experience not often found in Iowa! 

New to Pictured Rocks is our portable slackline. Slacklining is the act of balancing along a narrow, flexible piece of webbing which is low to the ground between two points.  Test your skill and concentration as you attempt to traverse across it while peers and staff spot your every move to ensure your safety. The slackline offers different levels of progressive goal setting and challenges as you maneuver your way to the end point.

Challenge yourself to reach new heights on our 40’ climbing tower! The four-sided tower (two solid walls with holds and two open sides with suspended elements) is designed to challenge climbers of all abilities with its varying levels of difficulty. The climbing tower helps individuals grow in self-confidence and goal setting, teaches them to encourage others and allows them to persevere in a safe, secure environment.

Feeling extra adventurous? Take a short hike and test your climbing skills on one of our onsite limestone bluffs.  Unlike the climbing tower, there are no set hand or foot holds so you must navigate your way to the top using the cracks, crevices, and indents. Are you up for the challenge?

Ready! Aim! Release! Test your accuracy as a certified staff member teaches you the basics of archery. Archery is more than shooting at a target. Archers focus on improving several things at once; their listening skills, concentration, focused breathing, and controlled body movements. Celebrate with joy in the accomplishments of improvement after each round.

Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime in a safe, secure environment? Come experience faith and trust as you launch from the platform of our climbing tower and soar down a 300-foot zip line! Don’t miss out on this amazing experience followed by a celebration of your accomplishment with friends.

Located near the climbing tower, this open, multi-surfaced shed is the perfect place to practice technique, gain confidence and get a feel for climbing holds while closer to the ground.  Bouldering allows an individual to set progressive goals while exploring their own abilities and comfort levels.  Make it all the way around the shed, go across the inside of the ceiling or try the chimney – there is something for everyone!